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Association management services

We've recently increased our offerings to include association management services. For more information go to our Association section or click here.

Marketing consulting

In addition to association management, we also specialize in marketing consulting for associations, ranging from marketing planning to member communications to member research.

Management associates

To better serve our association management clients, we have partnered with two other associates, experts in the fields of association finance and management. You can find out more about Jessica Schaller and Marilee Yorchak by clicking here.




Association growth through focused management and marketing services

Whether your future crosses turbulent seas or placid waters, the journey requires the right crew and expertise. As you set your course for increased membership, expanded services, or enhanced image and public awareness, we can provide the management expertise or specialized services you need to to effectively manage your association.

A business to business marketing consulting and association management firm, Marketing Resources Ltd. specializes in streamlining, organizing, and administering your association or planning and implementing your association marketing program.

While your board and volunteers concentrate on policy and oversight, we handle the everyday business aspects of association management. Our services are designed to enhance your organization through flexible, efficient, affordable solutions. We can provide complete management of your organization or specific project services in the following areas:


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