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Winning With CustomersWinning with Customers: A Playbook for Winning by by D. Keith Pigues and Jerry Alderman

A how-to guide to winning with customers: how do you do this, how do you start, what do you do.

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Searching for good the latest books on marketing or association management? We've compiled a list of some of the latest in useful and cutting edge books. We will update the list as we come across new items.

Winning With Customers: A Playbook for Winning

Winning With CustomersOften times, after professionals learn about Winning With Customers, the most common interests are: How do you do this? How do you get started? What do you do?
There is really no way to answer these questions during a brief conversation. The goal with this book is to give every business professional who is interested in using more outside-in customer knowledge in the management of their business a place to get information. This book is primarily a how-to guide. Sure, it touches on the theory and concepts behind approaches here and there, but, the thrust of the discussion will not be so much about convincing you of the theory as much as it will provide examples, discuss methods, allow you to participate in exercises, and review business cases from others who have experienced success.

For more information go to http://winningwithcustomers.com or http://www.dkeithpigues.com/

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The Mirror Test

Mirror TestWhen was the last time you did a mirror test on your company? You know, to make sure that your business is still alive and breathing. Jeffrey Hayzlett thinks you and your company need to do a mirror test right away.

Hayzlett is a big, boisterous guy who has the guts to get in your face and tell you exactly why your business isn't doing well. In short, he asks the questions that most business managers are afraid to ask. And, as Hayzlett points out, if you aren't willing to look at what's working and what isn't—and then take the necessary steps to fix it—you, your colleagues, and your employees are in for a tough ride.

In THE MIRROR TEST: Is Your Business Really Breathing? Hayzlett teaches readers through entertaining and timely anecdotes how to thoughtfully yet aggressively evaluate, deconstruct, and then reconstruct any business.

For purchasing information, email the Colorado Business Marketing Association or go to www.amazon.com or www.Hayzlett.com.


Essential Sales Writing Secrets

Sales Writing SecretsIn successful marketing campaigns that persuade customers and sell products, the difference is still the writing. Whether your career demands that you write creative sales copy, or evaluate the writing of freelancers, Essential Sales Writing Secrets provides you with thousands of dynamic sales writing tips that will power all of your marketing materials. For more information, go to http://www.caseydemchak.com.


Marketing Manager's Handbook

Marketing Manager's HandbookThe definitive A-to-Z marketing reference for marketing, sales, and product management professionals, The Marketing Manager's Handbook is the 512-page desktop reference for marketing executives who want to improve the implementation and effectiveness of their marketing programs, to increase sales for their companies.

Using real-world marketing techniques proven successful in a wide variety of companies and industries, The Marketing Manager’s Handbook provides the practical insights and the advice marketing professionals need to enhance their professional development, and to increase their chances for sales success in any marketing project. Buy at BMA Colorado or go to the Business Marketing Institute (BMI) for more information.


Real Marketing: The Skills You Need for B2B Marketing Success

Real Marketing BookOverview of the core principles and techniques covered in the BMI MSA/B/C System (47 page eBook in PDF format). Download directly from the Business Marketing Institute (BMI)



On-Demand CRM and The New Marketing Model

CRM BookKeys to optimizing lead generation and lead development with on-demand CRM and your marketing program (38 page eBook in, PDF format). Download directly from the Business Marketing Institute (BMI)



Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change

Making TransitionsMarketing professionals are increasingly faced with more and more change, yet are not always equipped with simple tools to help solve them. Address these issues and gain the tools to implement and attack them immediately. Along with tips on how, you learn to apply principles in creating your own change in the office.For information go to BMA Colorado.



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